ESA: survey on the MAS to Services transition

In recent months, we have been receiving complaints from more and more distraught MAS contractor employees at ESA whose work is being transferred to Services contracts. People are worried.

Above all, they are concerned about whether they will become more of a second- or third-class employee at ESA in the future. Contractors already earn less than staff employees performing the same functions and lack a clear career advancement path that rewards a job well done. This should not be allowed according to the European regulations, inspired by the principle of equal remuneration for equal work. The Dutch Labor Inspection investigated this and concluded that it is not in accordance to the Dutch applicable labor law, the Waadi..

There are increasing rumors and unofficial announcements that ESA is now going to outsource all the contractors workforce as services. In our opinion, this is mainly done to circumvent the Waadi law and European regulations. The contracting companies claim that this arrangement will be better for the employees. However, we certainly don't hear this back from you.


We have received a lot of different and sometimes contradicting stories, since apparently these changes are not being communicated in an open and consistent manner. Therefore, we would like to know your opinion. That's why we've created the following survey to find out how you have been informed, and how you see this transition from MAS to Services. You can complete the survey here.

If you are asked to sign new contracts, we advice you not to do this without advice of our legal experts!

If you would like to report abuses in connection with this issue, you can do so via our hotline, which can be used anonymously.

If you want to be kept informed, you can send your email address here:

Roderik Mol

Officer CNV